About Us

"We are a group of culture architects creating quality brand merchandise to artistically express, that we as individuals are leaders rebuilding the ruins of our cities and culture. We are tailored for the good of all.  We are committed to live woven in the fabric of our communities contributing to the Good.".

 Our Journey

GoodBoy Clothing began in March of 2014 in post-industrial Flint, Michigan one of the former leading economical based cities in America.  Next to Detroit, Flint has a very unique small city culture that fosters art and creativity as we are moving forward.  We wanted to share our story through artistic expression, so we embarked on that journey by creating a brand that reflects that reality.  Our journey began with designing high quality t-shirts and then we offered a classic edge with bow-ties. Since we launched our campaign,  our team has expanded to include artists, designers and seamstress to provide an outlet for original ideas and fresh collaboration.


Our Style

Heavily influenced by various streetwear brands with a casual style infusing them into one. It represents people everywhere who are involved in their community, city or culture in a practical way. We possess the vision to redefine the good life by creating a city-esque artistic brand that communicates a message to shift the culture from consumer to  contributors. Though modern, our style is a mixture of classical elements and street wear which challenges the  stigmas of style, which revises and encourages the push forward on the elements of  creative aesthetics. This is why you will see in our products special attention to detail in our labels, patches, and decorative elements.


Our Vision

Our vision for GoodBoy in the near future is to produce quality fashion that is crafted locally here in Flint. All the while creating and contributing to our city and vision with the intention to offer it to the world. For this reason we are establishing the GoodBoy Manufacturing Co. (GDBY MFG co.) in Flint in order to bring back and encourage American manufacturing in an area that is historically well-known for its craftsmanship and hard work. Our product will be designed, cut, and sewn therein by our own team of designers that will produce unique styles and quality fashion. 


We recently had the opportunity as winners of AT&T's #AgilityIs contest hosted by Chris Gardner (The Pursuit of Happyness).  The contest was driven by finding Americas most agile businesses.  We were awarded with the judges choice award of $20,000 to further our business plan leading into cut and sew operations.