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On-Board With A Dream: Skateboarding Teen, Muhammad Ayubbi

On-Board With A Dream: Skateboarding Teen, Muhammad Ayubbi


The Person, Passion & Pursuit 

Nothing is more important to us here at GoodBoy Clothing than to see a person pursue their passion, enjoy the work they do and thrive while doing it. Many times, some do not know what they can do, what potential they have, or the road that may enhance their success rate.

We recently had the privilege of meeting a special person who had that in mind. His name is Muhammad Ayubbi, a 15-year-old slim kid, with a bashfully, reserved smile; who has an unquenchable thirst for skateboarding and wants the world to know. He lives a board-pushing saturated lifestyle in his current residency of Ann Arbor, Michigan and he recently decided that he wants to take his passion outside the city limits. 



*Ayubbi shows off one of his favorite tricks 


"GoodBoy meets Muhammad"

Muhammad Ayubbi, a Flint, Michigan native. A post-industrial town not too far from Detroit and has a growing business environment, especially in the arts and culture scene. Muhammad currently lives with his father, mother and younger siblings. Being the oldest in the household, he is truly on-board to becoming an exceptional leader and dream chaser. He commutes every Saturday afternoon to Flint to spend time at the “GDBY Manufacturing Co." where the lifestyle brand "GoodBoy Clothing" recently moved its production.

The space is minimalistic and has an industrial edge. The shop design is an unique piece of artwork in itself, it has wooden flooring and spacious shelving space for t-shirts and an array of additional products produced by "GoodBoy Clothing". Muhammad enjoys his growing relationship with the Founder/CEO (Oaklin Mixon) of the brand. The two enjoy bits of small talk, jokes and learning new things. With a goal in mind, he was interested in an apprenticeship with the company to gain skills on how to launch a brand of his own.



*(Grind Magazine) Ayubbi featured on the far right  

On The Grind

When it comes to fashion, Ayubbi aspires to create a lifestyle clothing brand of his own, centered on his love for skate culture. “Skateboarding is apart of my life so therefore, I want to do something that flourishes that idea,” says Ayubbi. Speaking of fashion lines and skating, Muhammed has recently been featured in a popular Japanese fashion magazine “Grind” doing what he does best.  In line with his brand, he plans to take his skate skills to the social media world and display some of the tricks of the trade by producing skate videos for the masses to see. Some of his influences for the craft are indie groups like Black Kray, Goth Money Records and PMG. He takes cues from them and sets the bar high. The Ann Arbor, Michigan resident seeks to grow and develop in the arts to create that culture in his city and spread it abroad. Overall, the narrative of Ayubbis' story isn’t that he's a troubled teen, but a teen we see with great potential that we want to help foster his creativity.



 Hands On Experience 

The brand has been building with Muhammad for a few weeks now and they love it.  Teaching the importance of branding, sewing, retail, photography, inventory and a myriad of skills to equip Muhammad for his journey as a young entrepreneur. "We simply work from where we are. We are a young company and still have things to learn ourselves, but in the learning process, we want to spread the love. Muhammad is so young right now and it is a perfect time for him to begin learning and perfecting his craft and learn essential business skills and character," says Founder, Oaklin Mixon.  

A wealth of understanding and knowledge from hands-on experience can give Muhammad an advantage over most in his field. Education for some can be expensive, time consuming and sometimes can be complicated to make decisions in knowing what direction you want to go.  "Its not like that for everyone pursuing a traditional education, we want to open up other options through our model of mentoring young men and women into fields they truly have a knack for. Hopefully we can expand as we grow the company and be more equipped with the tools to do so, this is the heart behind our brand. All in all, we think a more hands-on educational approach in businesses today could create more life long results for individuals and their communities”. 


 As their relationship grows, they are both excited to see what the outcome will be.



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