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Egypt Otis of Comma Bookstore: Representation Matters | The GOODS

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This year has been one for the books as COVID-19 brought about unexpected changes and an overwhelming air of uncertainty. While most people wondered how 2020 could get even worse, others chose to find a silver lining. For Egypt Otis of Flint, the pandemic gave her the incentive to follow her dream and open up a bookstore in the heart of her hometown.

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Shay Oliver: A dream fulfilled on the runway for Vancouver Fashion Week | The GOODS

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In today's retail world, names like Saint Laurent, Chanel, Gucci and many others have been long time staples for fashion enthusiasts and influencers all over the world.  Among these brands are creatives cut from a different cloth, dwelling in this underworld of design and existing on the fringes of the culture working passionately to become the worlds next leading brand.  

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