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Jump In and Spray

Krystal Cooke, a growing art sensation, originally from Wisconsin has made a very colorful and expressive home in Flint, Michigan.  The city has seen its share of troubles in the past but is now on a trajectory of art, culture and business development.  Krystals landing was just in time for Flint's artistic resurgence!

"I've always been drawn to art as a child...and as I got older I never really thought I'd actually do something with it! I watched some of these muralist from all over the world and got inspired to try out spray painting. I immediately fell in love with the medium...a mural always felt beyond my reach..but I just decided to jump right in" says Cooke. 

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A Discovered Talent

" I'd say some of my artistic inspirations really came from my own desires for creative expression...I never really followed certain artist or styles...if I saw something I liked, I'd take a mental note...and from there, I discovered what interests me most. It has been a journey of trail and error. The energy of any artist really inspires me to keep moving."

The Iconic Portrait

Her most recent work, a spray painted mural portrait of the late Anthony Bourdain has garnered massive recognition. Rodney Ott was inspired by Bourdain's life and therefore, had a vision to make his passion known to the world by partnering with Cooke for the job.  Rodney owns a local bar called 'The Loft' that hosts night life and entertainment in the Downtown sector of the city.  The front facade is massive and that was the perfect canvas for Cooke to create the iconic portrait.      



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Creative Direction

"The red Roses represent the state Flower of New York where Anthony Bourdain was from.  It set off the whole mural with vibrant red.  That was Krystal Cooke's idea and I couldn’t of been happier with the choice.  Jesi Michelle and I chose Anthony for many different reasons. Jesi chose the quote because it represents our goal for Flint.  We want to leave it a bit better than when we got here." 


"You take something with you.  Hopefully you leave something Good behind." - Anthony Bourdain

Rodney's Inspiration

Rodney adds "He has been an inspiration to me for some time.  He’s like each and everyone of us. He battled substance abuse problems for many years and continued to lead a glorious life.  He wasn’t one of those famous people that you could never relate to.  He could have easily walked into The Loft and asked for a beer and made three friends in twenty minutes.  Lastly, the mural was a call to suicide prevention. The world is a very tough place and if Anthony Bourdain is battling depression, it’s ok for you to be as well! Just know there is help out there."

The mural can be viewed at 460 S.Saginaw Street, Downtown Flint, Michigan.


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