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In December of 2019, GoodBoy Clothing was the spotlight feature on the national docu-series Start Uphosted by Detroit host/creator/producer Gary Bredow. Airing exclusively on PBS, the episode features the fashionable clothing brand and its founder Oaklin Mixon as he continuously strives to break boundaries in his hometown of Flint, Michigan.

Throughout the episode, we get an inside look at GoodBoy's flagship store as well as candid shots of the downtown Flint area. Gary also sits down with Oaklin for an in-depth Q&A to learn about the mission of the brand and its plans for the future. 

Established in 2014, GoodBoy Clothing has built a community of culturally diverse supporters, and helped to reinvigorate the startup community in the controversial city of Flint. With the empowering message to “Make Good Culture," the brand is inspiring people to embrace who they are no matter where they are. 

Whether you're an aspiring fashion entrepreneur or simply a lover of good culture, make sure to watch Gary Bredow's fascinating visit to Flint, Michigan and the GoodBoy Clothing store.

An entrepreneur himself, Gary Bredow owns several businesses in the Detroit area, including Detroit Tough Gym, Fern and Dales Hair Salon and Brooklyn Street Studios. His background and familiarity with startups gives the Start Up show an air of authenticity that makes it relevant for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

Through his series, Gary is helping local entrepreneurs make a name for themselves while inspiring others to get out and start making their dreams a reality. By featuring start ups all around the nation, viewers get a firsthand look into the true beauty and grit of startup culture.


You can watch the full episode above, or on the PBS website by clicking here.

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