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Mini Q&A with the host of Flint's virtual Club Quarantine, Anthony "DJ Hype" Carter

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt to social activities at the moment, Flint native Anthony "DJ Hype" Carter has been providing nightlife vibes through his DJ sets on Facebook Live for the past three weekends.

Cleverly named Club Quarantine, the online event features Hype spinning an energetic mix of club-style rap and R&B music that spans from the early 90's to now. He also finds time to mix in some local flavor, playing songs from older acts like Ready For The World and The Dayton Family and newer ones like Flint R&B singer Furillostar.

People who virtually enter Club Quarantine get a chance to interact with each other and discuss how much they love a certain song or reminisce about Flint's lustrous nightclub culture from the late-90's through the late-2000's. I've personally been present to the last three Club Quarantine events and I have to say that it felt amazing seeing so many Flint natives share similar experiences through the power of music and nightlife. 

Aside from the nostalgia, Club Quarantine attendees also throw out song requests, show their reactions to songs with emojis and gifs, and adamantly tip the DJ through CashApp. Hype also interacts with the crowd through his computer mic, shouting out people in the chat and letting them know that he sees their requests and appreciates the love.

I contacted DJ Hype after his last Facebook Live set on Sunday (4/5/2020) which was a smoother, more intimate set consisting of all R&B music. During our mini Q&A session, he let me know why he started spinning on Facebook Live, gave me his thoughts on the reception and recognition from fellow Flintstones, and predicted the future of Club Quarantine. 

The GOODS: What inspired you to do the live sets on Facebook?  

DJ Hype: "When Facebook added the live feature, I seen the opportunity then. When I first did it, Facebook deleted the video because of copyright issues when streaming. I would rarely do live videos until the stay home order. I felt like now was the time to do live DJ sets no matter what, just to keep other people and myself from going crazy lol." 

TG: How has the reception been since starting the live sets? 

DJH: "The reception and feedback has been dope, I’m used to pretty much doing a party or event, then going home, but to see people actually waiting for me to start a live stream is very rewarding. It shows how much you’re valued even in the midst of a pandemic."

TG: Do you think the live sets will keep going after the COVID-19 pandemic is underway?

DJH: "I think the live streaming sets and its popularity will fall off tremendously. Unfortunately, the majority of people are only interested because they have nowhere to go, and nothing to do. I believe we have become so busy in the world that we tend to overlook the small things. There are great artists, DJ’s, singers, rappers, and poets that don’t get noticed at all. The little good that this pandemic will have is that the people will begin to communicate with each other more, and the artists that we’ve overlooked will have their time to shine."

Make sure to tune in tonight for another live set from DJ Hype on Facebook Live starting at 9:00 p.m. (EST): facebook.com/AnthonyDjHypeCarter

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