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Q&A With Uncap Everything & Capsoul Founder, Eric Jackson

TG: What peaked your interest in the craft beer scene? How has the city of Richmond, VA influenced you?

EJ: I had my first beer, surprisingly, after college in 2009 and my first craft beer in 2011. Between the domestic beer experience and the craft, beer was held in extremely low regard, but once I tried my first craft beer at Yazoo Brewery, my curiosity was exposed. It catapulted me on a crazy journey to explore and investigate more about this beverage that most of my peers disliked.

Richmond, VA is a rich and complex city. A city that has experienced deep segregation, racism and I would say, hasn’t developed as other major cities and capitals in other states. Moving here from Atlanta, GA, I saw that some of the breweries were less diverse, which, for me meant, immense opportunity to affect change. And the black culture here in Richmond is extremely rich and, in my opinion, not receiving the acknowledgement or spotlight it should.

TG: As an entrepreneur, tell us about Capsoul and Uncap Everything? How did you get started? Whats your ultimate goal?

EJ: My step into the craft beer world was my brand Uncap Everything. I started that about three years ago and it’s goal was to simply journal and document my discoveries around craft beer. At it’s core, that’s what I do. I engage breweries and brewers to learn more about the beer industry. I then transfer that to my social media platform and other avenues to initiate excitement around craft beer.

Capsoul is a collective of individuals who’s focus is to energize and diversify taprooms through curated events, a craft beer magazine and podcast. Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between craft and culture and to create unions around craft beer with music, art and fashion.

TG: In your experience of traveling and meeting new people, what has been your best highlights? 

EJ: That’s a hard one. I’ve met so many incredible people along my journey and I’d argue to say, some of the most down to earth and like-minded people I’ve met are within the beer industry. I will say one of the most memorable events for me personally was at Fresh Fest in Pittsburgh, PA earlier this year. It was a massive family reunion  around craft beer and it was heaven.

TG: In terms creating culture, how do you want to influence the community thats gathering around this concept/idea?

EJ: One thing I always believe is that we do not create culture, we are the culture. Our culture has too long been in a negative light and society typically only uses it for profit, but never really embraces those within it. My aim is to merge, diversify and include our voice in an industry that sometimes lacks that voice. Black people drinking beer shouldn’t be taboo.

TG: What are some of your favorite beer breweries and recommendations?

EJ: I have several breweries that I enjoy. Triple Crossing and Vasen are local Richmond breweries that are top notch.  Outside of Virginia, I mess with Allagash Brewing, Monday Night Brewing, Creature Comforts & Scofflaw.

TG: Would you ever want to start your own brewery?

EJ: I get this question a lot and I often say no, but as time progresses, I’ve found myself more interested in the process of brewing. I will say this, I desire to open a culturally relevant bottle-shop in Richmond that focuses on all the things Capsoul currently focuses on.

TG: You just curated the Golden Summer: Capsoul magazine release party on 9.21.19 and there was an amazing turnout, whats next for you?

EJ: Yes, there was a great turnout. There were some people that had never heard of us and others that were return supporters. We are extremely grateful.

Whats next? We are brewing a beer that’ll be set to release in November and we are currently ironing out details on our next event.

TG:  Any last remarks?

EJ: Absolutely, if you’re looking to learn more about craft beer and/ or support what we are doing, pick up the magazine on our website and keep up with us on Instagram @wearecapsoul and @uncapeverything.


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