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From Pittsburgh Native to Detroit Ambassador, Detroit Bruce

Detroit, Michigan was one of many cities that has experienced economical  hardship within the last few decades but is now making a powerful comeback.  With recent additions such as Little Caesars Arena, many shops align the Woodward Ave corridor and people bustle through the streets to work and play.  The city is alive and well.  However, this doesn't happen outside of committed individuals like Bruce Schwartz, who has made his home in Motown using his unique influence and abilities to make sure the city continues on a progressive trajectory.  Today, we sat down with Bruce to get to know his story and why He chose this rich historical destination to become one of its ambassadors.  Welcome to The GOODS.     

TG: Hey Bruce thanks for joining us.  Where are you originally from? Why settle in a city like Detroit and how has its surroundings influence you?


BS: "Well, I was born in Pittsburgh and moved to Southfield, MI when I was eight years old. In 1984, my family and I moved to Miami, and I was there for ten years before I moved back to Michigan to work with one of my best friends Dan Gilbert. Now, I live in Franklin with my beautiful wife and four amazing children."

When I turned 16 and got my driver’s license, I really started appreciating the city. My friends and I would cruise down Woodward Ave. admiring the buildings and businesses. The hustle and energy throughout the city were extremely noticeable. Now, knowing that my kids have the opportunity to experience everything the city has to offer is an amazing feeling. There is so much opportunity here and I am happy they get to grow up seeing that!"

Bruce spending the afternoon at The Brakeman.  One of Detroit's newest additions near Parkers Alley


TG: What do you do?  Where do you work and spend most of your time doing in Detroit? 

BS: "I’ve been working for the Rock Family of Companies for over 25 years. Since 2011, I’ve served as Rock Ventures’ Detroit Ambassador showcasing Downtown Detroit and sharing the story of the city’s resurgence. As an ambassador, my goal is to support the Rock Family of Companies by keeping the great talent of our youth and young visionaries here in Detroit and expose all the great things our city has to offer to everyone around the globe."

"Over the past eight years, I’ve held countless tours escorting national and international figures like Warren Buffet, Aretha Franklin, Madonna, and the Ambassador of Switzerland – as well as business leaders, students and journalists. This year, I’m taking my role as Detroit Ambassador even further by creating new and exciting opportunities to connect Detroit’s long time and new residents with our tours, properties, and projects!"


 Community engagement in Campus Martius Park.

 TG: What are some of your favorite spots and parts of town to visit?

BS: "From the neighborhoods to the river, Detroit is full of remarkable places. When I was living downtown with my two oldest children, one of our favorite spots to visit was Belle Isle. The Belt will always hold a special place in my heart, because it is where I met and married my wife. Central Kitchen + Bar is one of my go to spots for lunch and my favorite building is the Book Tower. It’s currently being renovated, and I have dibs on the Penthouse Suite!"



Central Kitchen & The Belt Alley - Detroit, MI


TG: You are also known by the moniker 'Detroit Bruce', How did you get this name?  It seems that community engagement, relationships and networking is a passion of yours, tell us a little about how and why you chose to do this.

BS: "Well…my name is Bruce and it’s my job to represent Detroit. When social media started to blow up and my kids were telling me to join it, the most fitting name for me was @detroitbruce and it stuck. My dad was a professional pool player and very well versed with those he associated with. That set the stage and showed me how important it was to build lasting relationships with people. Then, becoming a mortgage banker just furthered that mentality for me. This year, my new year’s resolution has been to build better relationships."


"This year, my new year’s resolution has been to build better relationships." - Bruce Schwartz

 TG: You seem to be passionate about Detroit’s new developments and progress over the years and love to take people on tours of the city and have been hospitable to some big names.  Would you say that goal is to give people a fresh perspective of the city? 

BS: "My goal is to show people the opportunity this city holds. Whether that be youth, new graduates, entrepreneurs, celebrities, influencers, or families; there is something here for everyone!"

 TG: Your sense of style and influence is amazing; would you say this is in connection with your love for the city?  In what ways do you perceive yourself as being a part of Detroit’s renaissance? 

BS: "I would definitely say there is a connection between my style and love for the city. A big part of my style is repping local Detroit brands. This city is full of talented creatives and I love showcasing their work. What better way to do that than rocking their pieces when I hit the streets every day? I’m fortunate enough to be a part of Detroit’s renaissance by showcasing this great city to visitors who come from all over the world!


TG: You are a family man, could you tell us how family has shaped your outlook? 

BS: "I am a husband and father. All that I do is for my family and the future that awaits them. It’s my dream to show them and generations to come what Detroit really is, a city full of perseverance, opportunity and grit."

TG: Any last remarks for our readers?

BS: "There truly is no place like Detroit. I am so blessed to call it my home."

TG: Thanks for sharing with us Bruce, take care.


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