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The streets are calling 

The sight of thousands of people gearing up to release their strides upon the pavement for up to 10 miles is something to behold. It’s paradoxically intimidating and inspiring. The more you shy away from it, the more you want to take part in it next year. Maybe the years go by and maybe it hasn’t happened yet. But you know in your heart of hearts that one day you’ll be among them.  Every year, The Crim Festival of Races invites people from all over the world to compete in this marathon that means much more than just another race...but a symbol of overcoming some of life's greatest battles. 

There is still time to take part in this year’s HAP Crim Festival of Races

To consider our community is to consider a marathon. We’re a culture of endurance and progress. Strength and speed. We don’t chase dreams. Rather, we race to the finish. For 41 years the Crim has served as an example of a people as well as an example to people.  

This year, GoodBoy Clothing has partnered with Crim to amplify the story of a people. On a day when runners will race from around the world, Flint will effectively increase her population by 50 percent, with around 50,000 visitors descending on downtown to be a part of the experience.

There’s a story to be told, and there’s an audience who’ll listen

Andrew Younger is the Crim's race director. Speaking of the partnership with GoodBoy, he and Crim organizers were excited about the chance to partner with a local clothing designer "as vibrant and as creative as GoodBoy."

crim x GoodBoy collection: Andrew Younger 

"Both organizations are Flint-born and bred, and we share a common commitment to making our community the best place to live in the world. The Crim does it by focusing on what we're good at - inspiring people to be healthier with more physical activity, better nutrition, and mindfulness practice. GoodBoy focuses on what they're good at helping people look great through fashion and high-quality design. It just makes sense that we partner together to give Crim participants the finest clothing and merchandise options possible."  - Andrew Younger

Your time is now

What will be said of the champions of 2018? What will be said of the champion in you? We’ve listened to the story of the people who make up our community, and we’ve responded with gear to get you going. T-shirts, headbands, jackets and caps, everything to help you get to the starting line and on through to the finish, all while telling the story of the champion in you.

There’s a race to be won, let’s get prepared for it now.

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